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Japanese Cinema
31st-Dec-2011 - question
awwww RUKI you moron :)

I come with a question regarding a Japanese movie I seem I don't remember its name and I want to re-watch it for documentation reasons:

- it's a film about the film students from a film school
- it depicts the psychology of actors and studies their capabilities to feel outside their profession
- all of the actors are dysfunctional people
- there are talks about the evolution of Japanese film industry direction inside the movie with a brief mention and context to the old theater, male-only based plays before cinema
- the actors characters have to star into a project
- the movie ends dramatically

Help? :)

I remember the title was something like "What happened to (insert name here) ?" (although I'm not really sure). It was a question. And the name was of a great world writer. Maybe it was an existentialist?!? I don't remember.
13th-Jan-2010 (no subject)
mariposas sopladas
First stills from the film version of Murakami Haruki's Norwegian Wood novel.

photosCollapse )

From wildgrounds :)

As most people probably already know the main cast is as follows:

Rinko Kikuchi  →  Naoko
Ken'ichi Matsuyama →  Toru Watanabe
Tetsuji Tamayama →  Nagasawa
Kiko Mizuhara →  Midori
Kengo Kora →  Kizuki
Reika Kirishima →  Reiko Ishida
17th-May-2009 - Ikigami (2008) Review
●○ glitz
Here's a quick stream of consciousness review I scribbled down after just watching Ikigami. Mixed thoughts on this film, to be honest.

( If you had 24 hours to live... )

Comments welcomed.
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1st-May-2009 - Musicals?
Gothic roses
Does anyone know of any movies from Japan that are musicals? My roommates and I have been listening to Bollywood music recently and we were wondering if Japan had any musicals like it to their credit? Movies I can either buy in America or a download link preferable, thanks!
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