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Japanese Cinema
29th-Apr-2009 (no subject)
sad bear
If you life in Barcelona  the line up of the new Barcelona Asian Festival is up


Between the Japanese films you can find Chamaleon, Aoi tori, Departures, Megane...
I pity I can take a train to Barcelona :/
22nd-Apr-2009 - Movie : Aoi Haru
sad bear

Aoi Haru / Blue Spring

Aoi Haru is a very powerful film, strong cast, good script, very well filmed and the cast, for me, is perfect and did a wonderful job, specially Ryuhei.

This is one of my two favorite movies and after posting about Toyoda return I decided to rewatch it :)

I'm not good doing reviews so I'm going to copy/paste Midnight Eye review :

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I saw this films so many times I don't get tired of it and it always impress me the same.

The cast is full of now recognizable names that with the years became praised actors (and some of my favorite actors too)

And one of the things that caught my eye is that even in a film so full of testosterone you can find some homoerotic moments and I don't say it being a BL fangirl or something, just being objective. I wonder if for others too or it's just me.

Normally with films I have a favorite part but this this film , I think that I can't really choose one (well, maybe the cigarettes scene win a little bit over others...)

Please be aware that might be spoilers in the comments (if people comment, that's it xD)
19th-Apr-2009 - Toshiaki Toyoda is back
sad bear
Toshiaki Toyoda is the one behind amazing movies like Aoi Haru, 9 Souls & Kuchu Teien.

After years of silence he is making his come back :)

After four long years out of the movie industry, Toshiaki Toyoda is finally coming out with a new movie called Yomigaeri no Chi (literally “Blood of Resurrection”). Toyoda, director of “Blue Spring” and “9 Souls” got busted for possession of stimulants in September of 2005, jeopardizing the release of his film “Hanging Garden”. He was eventually convicted and ended up getting a 3-year suspended sentence of 2 years in prison.

The film is based on the famous kabuki legend of Oguri Hangan, who was said to have traveled to the holy land of Kumano to be resurrected after nearly dying from poison. Toyoda became acquainted with the legend last spring and had confidence that he could turn it into a movie, adding that he wants to show the strength of human vitality.

44-year-old musician Tatsuya Nakamura is set to star. Masao Kusakari, his daughter Mayuu Kusakari, Hirofumi Arai, and Toyoda favorite Itsuji Itao will also appear.

“Yomigaeri no Chi” will be released in Japan this fall.

Maybe not the theme I would expect from him but I'm sure it would turn as good as his old works.
Not much more info on the film other than that (comes from the nikkan sports article). Other places have the news too but no official site or anything else yet.

And from Tokyograph

Director Toshiaki Toyoda (40) is making his comeback with a new film titled "Yomigaeri no Chi." This is his first work since "Kuchu Teien" ("Hanging Garden") in 2005.

In September 2005, just before the theatrical release of "Kuchu Teien," Toyoda was convicted of possession of stimulants. He was given a sentence of two years in prison, suspended for three years.

"Yomigaeri no Chi" is based on the legend of Oguri Hangan, which has been turned into multiple kabuki and bunraku plays. The story depicts the son of a feudal lord who falls gravely ill after being poisoned, but is resurrected after a pilgrimage to the sacred land of Kumano.

Filming took place last July in Aomori. Drummer/actor Tatsuya Nakamura is starring, supported by Masao Kusakari, Kusakari's daughter Mayuu, Hirofumi Arai, and Itsuji Itao. The movie is scheduled for a fall release.

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